Our Company

We are located in downtown Los Angeles at:
626 Wilshire Blvd. #500
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Call us at: 213.596.7210 or Email at:

About Our Company

At the Lab Information Services, Inc (, we help companies improve how they do business using technology.

We are well versed in all aspects of technology:

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Business Applications and Technologies: Exchange, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, Accounting, Inventory Management, etc.
  • Databases: MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL
  • Programming languages: VB, PHP, Javascript
  • Security to prevent outside intrusion
  • Network Infrastructure: firewall, switching, etc.

About Our Customers

We serve clients in the manufacturing and service industries, including law, medicine, insurance, entertainment, accounting, engineering, retail, etc. Their goals vary, though two themes consistently top their list:

  • Continuously use technology to improve efficiency
  • Consistently turn to technology for practical solutions to business problems

About Victor Avalos, President

Victor AvalosFor over 15 years, Victor has been helping companies use technology to improve their business processes and profitability. He founded The Lab, Information Services in 2004, to provide small to medium sized companies the services of a strategist/consultant as compared to a mere technician.

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