Make Technology Work for You

Too often, we hear about companies that choose a leading application like Salesforce for their organization and jump right in on their own, but then quickly decide that it’s not for them.

Introducing a leading application like a Salesforce is not enough to guarantee business results.  Software is merely a tool like any other and just as important as the tool that you choose, is how you use it.

A major software package can be indispensable and transformative for organizations, but only when companies shift their expected results. Organizations that choose Salesforce, for example, as a tool to reengineer their lead and sales processes into a new model that gets them unprecedented results will love the application.  Companies that try to fit Salesforce onto their current methods, won’t.  It’s not just about introducing a leading application, but re-inventing the processes around this new tool that make the “juice worth the squeeze”.

Do you want faster, better communication, collaboration, workflow, tracking, sales and marketing, accounting?  You can enjoy all of these improvements if you are willing to redesign your systems so they can take advantage of the features built into the new applications and services.

Organizations that are not tied down to a preconception of what the business process must look like, can have more successful application and services implementations.  First ask yourself: “What does faster, better communication, collaboration, workflow, tracking, sales and marketing, accounting look like?”  Then, choose tools that reinforce and are in alignment with this new way of thinking and re-invented processes.

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