Be Nimble & Leverage the Cloud

Run your business like a Startup that has your breadth of knowledge and experience.

You may have started to notice that your best competitors are leaner and meaner versions of you and your business.  You have shown the way, and they aren’t burdened by the need for the same level of investment that led to your success.  But just because you have this additional load does not mean that you are going to be left behind.  You too, can do more with less if you can bring yourself to think like a startup.

“How would I run my business if I were starting my business today?”
Have you asked yourself this question?  Don’t let the status quo and your “but we’ve always done it this way” attitude be the reason that you lose another employee, customer or lead to your competitor.

Startups have access to and demand Enterprise-Grade (always available and always secured) applications that have predictable costs and are highly scalable.  They don’t buy systems, but rather lease services that grow and contract like they do so that they are always maximizing their profitability.  They relish in the predictability of fixed monthly, per employee fees.

Startups know that work can occur everywhere and this is why Startups rely on web and mobile applications that they know puts them ‘at work’ anytime and anywhere they happen to be.

Choose to be nimble and fruitful and enjoy the best of both worlds.  You can match the infrastructure and technology costs of your competitors, but you can stay ahead because of the hard learned lessons that have led you to where you are today.


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